Xi-di SHEN

Prof. Shen, renowned concert artist and professor of violin as well as viola in China. She is the professor of the Shanghai Conservatory, vice Chief Executive of Violin and Viola Teaching and Research Office, the leading figure who founded Shanghai Conservatory, the representative of the Musician Association of China and Musician Association of Shanghai. She is also a member of the International Viola Society.

She is the first professional viola professor in China as well as a member of the first generation of musician trained after the founding of new China. She is a member of the first Chinese Female Quartet (the other members are Lina Yu, Zhinuo Ding and Yingrong Lin).

Shen was born in Chongqing, Sichuan Province in November 1939. She graduated with the Performance of Violin from the attached middle school of the Shanghai Conservatory in 1957 and from the Shanghai Conservatory in 1962. In 1985, she studied viola performance and pedagogy in Australian Yatarcimaniya Conservatory as a visiting scholar.

Within the forty years of performance and teaching of viola, Shen contributed great achievements in terms of teaching an incredible number of viola performers and teachers. Some of her students are taking the viola principal positions in the major orchestras in both China and abroad; some of them are concert artists and price-winners from music competitions.
She received the following titles of merits: Shanghai Municipal Award for Pedagogy; Award of He Luding Fund; Outstanding Teacher Award; Award to the Dean and to the Outstanding Member of CPC which are presented mainly by the Shanghai Conservatory. She also receives special subsidy from the State Council.