Chenxing HUANG

Chenxing HUANG, Professor from Shanghai Conservatory of Music, member of Chinese Musicians Association, violinist. She graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music and Moscow State Conservatory named for P. I. Tchaikovsky, under the guidance of Prof. Shisheng ZHENG and Eduard Grach.

In 1997, she graduated as the top student before she became one of the faculty members. During that time, she attended several international masterclasses, music festivals and major performances in U.S., Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, Tai Wai, etc., and received favorable reviews. In 2002, she furthered her education at Moscow State Conservatory named for P. I. Tchaikovsky as a government-sponsored scholar. Since she finished her study abroad in 2004, she performed with Shanghai Opera House, Shanxi Symphony Orchestra, Nanchang Ensemble, Russia String Orchestra, repertoire included Shostakovich No.1 Violin Concerto, Prokofiev No.1 Violin Concerto, Sibelius Violin Concerto, Mozart No.3 Violin Concerto, etc. She held concerts in Shanghai Concert Hall, Shanghai He Luting Concert Hall, Ningbo Grand Theatre, Nanchang Art Theatre, Shanxi Grand Theatre, Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, Rachmaninov Concert Hall, Enescu Concert Hall and so on. She also gave masterclasses in U.S., Singapore, Romania, Germany, etc.

She made remarkable achievements in teaching. Several of her students won national and international competitions. In 2001, 3 students of hers won in the 7th National Violin Competition. Meanwhile, she was granted "National Excellent Teacher Award", as the youngest violin teacher who ever received this honor. Internationally, her students were winners in George Enescu International Violin Competition (Romania), Brahms International Violin Competition, Andrea Postacchini International Violin Competition (Italy), Kazakhstan International Violin Competition.

She was invited as a jury member to the 13th, 14th, 16th Romania International Violin Competition. The awards she received includes Award of Shanghai Art Talents, 'Sou Xing' Award of Chinese Excellent Teacher, He Luting Foundation Award, National Excellent Teacher Award granted by Cultural Ministry. She also received honors such as Shanghai Conservatory of Music President Award, Tang's Teacher Award for 7 times. Her achievements in academic study include publication of several academic dissertations. Music sheets she published: Intensified Training of Violin Tonal Intonation, Intensified Training of Violin Finger Technique, Violin 4-Octave Scales System with Position Shifting Training. DVD she published: Violin Teaching, Rode 24 Caprices, etc.